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WALCRETE is an extremely versatile masonry cement. It is recommended highly for the following: 

  • Bedding and pointing brickwork and blockwork.
  • Interior and exterior plastering, including pebble-dash and rough cast.
  • Wall finishes due to its low susceptibility to efflorescence.

WALCRETE is the trade name for masonry cement produced by Lafarge Malaysia. It is a homogeneous blend of controlled amounts of Portland Cement, plasticizing material and air entraining agent, inter-ground to a high fineness to give consistent quality.

Its Economics

Unlike convenional mortar which is a mixture of four ingredients, i.e. Portland Cement, lime, sand and water, WALCRETE masonry mortar requires only three ingredients, i.e. WALCRETE, sand and water. 

It means that with WALCRETE there are:  

  • Savings in labor cost.
  • Less wastage.
  • Minimum storage requirement. 

WALCRETE - the easy, efficient, economical and environment friendly way of mixing mortar. Its excellent water retaining property prevents premature loss of water, therefore ensuring:
Strong bonding
Low drying shrinkage
Better weather resistance
Good workability
Easier handling
Smoother finish